Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rule 01 – How the Campaign Works

Campaign Day
There are 12 hours or 12 wargame moves in each Campaign Day

Role of Umpire
Play the role of Chief of Staff to all Army Commanders
Send a report to each Army Commander at the end of each campaign day
Resolve all battles or engagements

Role of Army Commander
Prepare a plan to achieve his campaign objective
Issued daily orders to his corps commanders
Order construction of supply depots as required
Order issue of supplies

Daily Orders
This is sent to the Umpire
It contains brief orders for each corps commander
It will confirm what his current objective is
It will confirm whether he is required to build a supply depot and where
It will confirm whether he is to draw supplies and from which depot

Umpire Report
Sent to each Army Commander at the end of each campaign day
It will contain a map showing location of own forces and enemy contacts
It will also contain an order of battle showing supply and casualty state

Contact with the Enemy
The enemy will be seen when they come within two map squares
To be seen there must be line of sight
The corps commander will react depending on his current orders
Unless he has orders to attack he will halt and ask for further orders

Paul and Jan will set up a wargame for all battles
They will use the current wargame rules
They will take account of army commander orders but not necessarily follow them
A photo will be taken of each move and a full report published on the Campaign Diary Blog

Rule 02 – Army Organisation

1 wargame figure =500 men

Composition of Army
Each Army has four corps

Composition of corps
Each corps has two infantry divisions, one cavalry brigade and 30 guns

Composition of Corps
Four infantry brigades of 8 figures each
One cavalry brigade of 4 figures
Artillery battery of one gun and 4 figures

Command and Control
All brigades must move with the corps, except when detached
There are only two types of detachment
Infantry brigades may be detached to form the garrison of a town
Cavalry brigades may be detached to an adjacent map square to recce

Types of Commanders
Army commander
Corps commander

Ability of Commanders
Gifted – plus three on command points
Average – plus two on command points
Poor – plus one on command points

Ability of Brigades
C indicates class or determination
F indicates firing ability
S indicates skirmish ability

A is the best quality
B is average quality
C is poor quality