Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rule 05 - Supply

Start of Campaign
Each corps will start the campaign with 4 days supplies
The main depot will have 6 days supplies

Issue of Supplies
Only the CinC can authorise the issue, or movement, of supplies
He has sufficient transport to move four days supplies each day between depots
He will also confirm which corps is to resupply, and from where, in his daily orders

Provision of Supplies
Each army will hold a maximum of 20 days supplies
Each depot will collect one days supplies each day
The main depot will receive sufficient supplies to maintain the total of 20

Supply Depot
A new supply depot can be established in any named town
To do so will take one full strength infantry brigade one full day
To operate it must have one full strength infantry brigade
It must also have a secure road to the main depot
It will collect one days supplies each day

Corps Supply
To receive supplies the corps must have written orders from the CinC
It must not move during the day
It must be within 15 miles (three map squares) of the depot
It must be fully concentrated (all brigades, less detachments, in the same square)
It must not be in combat with the enemy

Corps Out of Supply
A corps will lose 400 men to attrition for each day it is out of supply
The umpire will decide which brigade is affected each day

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  1. If a 2-foot tile-edge is 20 mile/3 = 6.667 miles long, and Rule 5 says Inf. marches at 8 inches-per-game-turn, which is 24 inches-per-3-game-turns, and {[((20/3) miles/24 in)x(1,760 yds/mile) = 4,400 yds / 9 inches] = 488.89 yds-per-inch, per gameturn}, while ''quick-step'' is only {(75 yards-per-minute x 60 minutes-per-gameturn = 4,500 yds/ 8 inches) = 562.50 yds-per-inch, per gameturn}, then why is the given 8-inch movement allowance only 87% of the quick-pace 8-inch allowance, over the same ground?