Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rule 03 – Example of Daily Orders

From            The Duke of Wellington
To                Chief of Staff
Date             20th April 1814

You are to write detailed orders to corps commanders and despatch them by the fastest means possible

Corps HQ     Move C05, D05, E05 with 1st corps

1st Corps       Move C05, D05, E05
2nd Corps      Hold C08
                    Cavalry recce D08  
3rd Corps      Halt in A05   
                    Draw three days supplies from (depot)
4th Corps       Attack C02, D02, E02

Move four days supplies from (main depot) to (forward depot)


Retreat if enemy advance

Corps will halt when they meet with the enemy and wait for orders
If the enemy advance they will retire

Will fight to hold present position
Only to be used when the corps is not moving that day

Attack any enemy they meet

Recce (cavalry only)
Cavalry will skirmish with enemy cavalry
Winner will discover number and type of brigades in enemy corps
Loser will only report contact with enemy cavalry
Both cavalry return to own corps at end of move.

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