Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rule 04 – Maps and Movement

Strategic (Planning) Map
The strategic map shows the whole campaign area and is used for planning purposes
One square on the strategic map is 15 miles
Movement is at the rate of one square per day

Tactical (Wargame) Map
The tactical map shows the army operational area and is used for campaign movement
Each square on the tactical map is 5 miles on the map or 2 foot on the wargames table
The map reference is top left in each square
The wargames terrain square reference is top right in each square

Occupation of Map Square
Only one corps is allowed in each square
There must always be one free square between yourself and the enemy
Leading brigade or recce brigade can enter that square to Skirmish
Losing brigade will retreat at the end of the Skirmish
Corps can only enter that square if they have orders to Engage or Attack

Major towns or cities are named
Villages are not named
Red roads are major supply and movement routes
Yellow roads are minor supply and movement routes
Brown roads are local tracks
Movement on all roads is at the same rate
Off road movement is allowed but move penalty applies
Rivers can only be crossed by using a bridge
Hills are passable but move penalty applies if not on road
Movement is only allowed north, south, east or west from each square

Daily Movement Rates
Type                       On Road       Off Road       Difficujlt Terrain      
Messenger              12 squares    not allowed    not allowed   
HQ or cavalry            6 squares      3 squares      1 square      
Infantry or Artillery     3 squares      2 squares      1 square


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