Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rule 06 – Combat

Contact with the Enemy
Contact is made when a formation enters a square next to one occupied by the enemy.
There will either be a combat, or one side will retreat.
The corps commander will decide whether to fight or not
His decision will depend on his current orders and local conditions

Combat without Wargames
Uneven battles of two to one, or three to two, will usually be fought without setting up a wargame

Two D6 dice will be rolled with the following consequences

Total             Stronger Side          Weaker Side
02                 1 infantry                 1 infantry
03                 1 infantry                 2 infantry
04                 1 infantry                 2 infantry       1 cavalry
05                 1 infantry                 3 infantry
06                 2 infantry                 3 infantry       1 cavalry
07                 2 infantry                 4 infantry      
08                 2 infantry                 4 infantry       1 cavalry
09                 2 infantry                 5 infantry
10                 3 infantry                 5 infantry       1 cavalry       1 gunner
11                 3 infantry                 6 infantry
12                 3 infantry                 6 infantry       1 cavalry       1 gunner

1 infantry equals 400 infantry
1 cavalry equals 100 cavalry
1 gunner equals 100 gunners and three guns

Transfer from Campaign Map to Wargames table
Each square on the map is duplicated by a 2x2 foot scenic square
The wargames table is 6x6 foot
When a battle is declared the table will consist of 3x3 squares from the map
The centre of the table will be the point of contact on the map

Corps Deployment
The corps commander will decide the best formation
If the corps is moving, it will enter the table in the same order of march

Fighting the Wargame

Paul and Jan will fight the wargame
Corps starting the game in defence will be on Hold orders
Corps marching onto the table will start the game on Move orders

Battle Reports
A detailed battle report will be published on the Campaign Diary blog

Campaign Play
Each battle will last one day, which is 12 hours or one campaign move

Battle Casualties
To receive replacements the corps must be halted and out of enemy contact
100 cavalry or gunners, or 400 infantry, per day
Umpire will decide which brigade is to receive replacements

Transfer from Wargame Table to Campaign Map
At the end of the battle each commander will receive an umpire report
This will confirm casualties received during the battle
The winner will normally remain on the battlefield overnight
Any brigades shaken or in rout will rally by first light
The loser will retreat one square during the night
Any brigades shaken or in rout will move with the corps but will not rally


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