Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rule 07 – Town Garrison

All supply depots must have a garrison of one infantry brigade
Combat will be decided by the umpire using the rules shown below.

Size of Garrison

Each town can support a garrison of one infantry brigade

All garrisons will have sufficient supplies for five days
Providing the lines of supply are open

Combat Procedure
Calculate who has the highest score:

Plus 2           Garrison
Plus 1           Outnumber garrison two to one
Minus 1         C class troops
Minus 1         Each casualty
Minus 1         Out of Supply
Minus 1         Shaken

Higher adds the difference to 2D6 dice throw

2-4                Higher has 400 casualties
5-8                Draw with no casualties
9 plus            Lower has 400 casualties

Brigade with casualties test morale using wargame rules

Garrison Surrender
The garrison will surrender when they lose 2000 casualties or rout


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